Helping individuals to achieve their health/fitness goals so they can be more confident in themselves and their appearance.
If you are self motivated and don't need someone standing next to you telling you what to do and may or may not be paying attention or chatting about their life for $50-$60 an hour then online is for you. Online training is not only easy and affordable but allows you to training on your schedule and not the trainers and can be modified for use at a gym, home or park.


- I provide the workouts, normally three  full workouts per week which provides exercises for all muscle groups.
- Each exercise is describe in detail with a short detailed instructional video and is phone optimize. Any additional specialized instruction I provide is also added.
- You have your own web page that can only be seen by you and I for you to track your stats and progress and photos as you progress in you choose at no extra cost.
- You also get two 30 minute calls a month and unlimited e-mails/text for any questions and info you may want to share. I will provide regular motivational e-mails/text through your program.
- Nutritional support is available if you needed at no charge.
- A $50 referral will be paid (taken off a month dues) for any referrals that sign up.


- First I will give a free workout to try so you know what your getting and see how it works.
- Then if you like it the cost is only $125 a month for three session per week per month, charged automatically until you say your have meant your goal. Personal training at a big box gym would average $600+ a month ($50 a session or more).
- Within 24 to 48 hours after you are charged I will add your first week of workouts onto your page and will continue one week at a time until your meet your goal.

Give me a call and check it out, you won't be disappointed.

​Contact: / (858) 344-2834

Affordable, effective and easy to use Online Personal Training.
Albany, Oregon