"Dan has been a Godsend to my father, and to me. Dad has advanced Parkinson's Disease (diagnosed 16 years ago) AND advanced prostate cancer. He is now in a wheelchair after living a very physically active and vibrant life. Getting to the gym for a workout is of huge physical and mental benefit to him, and Dan is the perfect person to help him in this regard. Besides being very technically capable with creating appropriate workouts based on how Dad is on a day-to-day basis, which is no small thing considering his challenges, Dan's humor, kindness and grace are tremendous assets. The quality of my father's life is dramatically enhanced because of Dan's work with him, and I am eternally grateful".

Susan Tully

"I have been training with Dan for over a year now. I came in with a sense of working out, but not quite where I wanted to be when I looked in the mirror. In general, I personally do not lose weight when I work out. Instead, I lose inches. ( a whole size ) GREAT!...isn't that what we all want anyway? Dan has given me the athletic looking body that I like, an upsurge in energy, physical strength and ........a second look every now and then....even at 59 ..:) ! Yippee!"
Thanks Dan, you're my hero....even if you don't know how to count...jan

"When you truly have someone that cares enough about you to help you achieve what you want, that person becomes a great coach and that is what Dan is. 

I'm in my early 50's and I finally have my 20 year old body back and I feel good about myself and myself confidence, not to mention the energy I now have.  I was 25 lbs. over weight and totally out of shape but by eating right and working out just twice a week with Dan, I'm at my goal weight and totally toned up. 

I get comments all the time....."Look at those arms". "Wow you look great". 
If it wasn't for a GREAT COACH, I know me, I wouldn't work out, I'd make excuses. I need a coach like Dan who knows what exerices I need for my body and who know my goals and that is what he does. 

Dan turly has a heart for people and helping people just like me achive their goals and keep them." 

Jackie Shearer

"I was a client of Dan Mencer for about 8 months in 2006. I had to discontinue my training because of old back and neck injuries which will require surgery. 

Dan was first of all a professional. He gave 100% and expected the same. He varied the exercises regularly to provide a well rounded workout. He was knowledgeable in the areas of equipment, proper execution and outcome.Within 3 weeks of training I began to feel allot better and the aches I have due to Parkinson's began wearing off. 

As far as Dans interpersonal skills he was once again professional but also humane and kindhearted. He tailored the workout to the level and weaknesses and strengths of the client. He did not let me off the hook in terms of doing the best I could but he never belittled me for my failures. He trained 2 of us together for a while and did an awesome job of juggling the needs and timing for both of us. 

Dan is the kind of trainer that will keep a client coming back. he is the perfect blend of discipline, encouragement, knowledge and compassion. I would and have recommended him to my friends."

Lynne Avery 

"In August of 2006, I decided that I needed to make some changes in my life.  I wanted to lose weight and try to improve my health.  A friend of mine was seeing a personal trainer and getting great results so I thought that would be a place to start.  I talked two of my friends into going along as well.  I signed up with Dan Mencer at Shape Up studio.  After a year of workouts with Dan I've lost 30 pounds and really feel and look much healthier!  Dan is such a great trainer.  He varies every workout and has steadily increased the difficulty.  I've never felt like I couldn't do the work and look back now and see how far I've come since those first sessions.  Dan not only trained me and my two friends, when my 16 year old son decided he wanted to play football for the first time, Dan enthusiastically began to train him as well.  Dan is always in a good mood and has a great sense of humor with his clients.  I've always looked forward to working out with him and I'm really sorry on the days when my schedule forces me to cancel.  Dan is really great about working around schedules and always has great specials and incentive programs when it comes to payment.  I highly recommend working out with Dan Mencer - it's changed my life!"

Kelly Stuart

"My experience with Dan Mencer was truly enjoyable.  Dan is a wonderful trainer, has extensive knowledge of his profession and brings a totally fun personality to the session.  I spent one year training with Dan and would have continued indefinitely, but college tuition and expenses have become a major financial focus.  I would highly recommend Dan as a trainer for anyone who wishes to improve their health, body and spirit."

Lynda F

I have had the great honor of being one of Dan Mencer's clients. I am not one who likes to work out all the time. I used to not look forward to go to the gym and doing what I had to do. When I started working out with Dan everything had changed. I found myself having a lot of fun and not realizing that we were actually working out. The time went by so fast and I lost the weight with his help. He sat down with me and showed me different things that I could do to better my choices of what I could eat. He also worked with you as much as he could. His biggest priority was always making the client happy and I feel that he has done a great job of that.